The Dominion of Melchizedek (DoM) is an Ecclesiastical State that operates through Our Newly Instituted Charter (2012).  The Focus of Our State is Education, Humanitarian Aid, and Self Sustainable development.



Unity, Peace, and Charity

Welcome to the Dominion of Melchizedek (DoM) website.  Here, you will discover an introduction to Our Government.  This includes the Branches of Government; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  The Territory of the DoM.  And, other areas of the website which can be explored.

More Information Will be updated as we move forward in clearing up the many allegations and assumptions about the State's assorted history, an update to a more accurate historical perspective of the individuals that have been involved with the DoM, their departure from any association with the DoM, and the New Sovereign Members of the DoM who are dedicated to being a fully recognized Member of the Family of Nations and devoted to adhering to the Principles espoused within the LAW OF NATIONS.